AWILCO Mobile Surveillance Solar Trailer

This all-in-one solar cell trailer with built-in fuel cell is the ideal solution when no grid power is available.

The three solar panels provide 3 * 200W on the sunny summer days. In times when the sun is not always reliable, the fuel cell will automatically take over and supplement with the required power.

The EFOY fuel cell runs on methanol and therefore has no CO2 emissions, as opposed to the old-fashioned diesel generator.

Also when it comes to the noise level, the fuel cell is preferable as it is extremely quiet. Since the fuel cell is service-free, in connection with the solar cells,you can achieve a “stand alone” time of several months. No maintenance is required.
The trailer is simple in construction and can be set up by one person and can therefore easily move from location to location. The trailer can be customized with the equipment you want. Camera, lights, measuring equipment, speaker systems, antennas, etc.
Due to the size and weight of the trailer, it can be fitted to most common vehicles and does not require a trailer license.

The solution includes the following:

  • 3*200W solar panels
  • 6 meter high mast
  • EFOY Pro Fuel Cell 2400 (110W)
  • M28 methanol *2
  • Solar regulator
  • Inverter 12V DC to 230V AC
  • AGM Batteries 200 Ah

The trailer solution can advantageously be used places without access to electricity as for example:

  • Security and surveillance
  • Communication
  • Light
  • Repeater stations

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